God Watches Over The Children

This blog is for families destroyed by Children and Youth Agencies. To submit your story, send to Godloveschildren@echoes.net

Monday, November 14, 2005

God Watches Over The Children

Please use this blog to post your stories about CPS atrocities. The links are here to assist you in your search for help. Remember thousands of families are suffering as you are suffering. By banding together, sharing our hurts, praying together and working as a team we can overcome! We must get busy and contact all elected officials and candidates with our demands. You can find all your elected officials and candidates on the following two sites.
The following sites are just a few of the sites with information that others have gathered from going through what you are going through. We pray that together we all will benefit from what we all have learned.
More links will be added and feel free to post your links BUT only if they are about CPS abuses. We will not tolerate profanity.
Please listen to Justice Enforcers Radio over your computer. Week nights 5-11 P.M. eastern time.


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