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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Court Room Ball

Excellent website created by Cecile in her battle fighting for our children. Thanks Cecile you're a blessing.
Court Room Ball
Come one come two come three come all,
We will take your kids to the court room ball.
The State makes claim The judge complies,
The hearts ripped out the family dies.
The sheriff's department they say very stern,
Go home get out this court's adjourned.
The children's life's are now in danger,
First from the cops, CPS then in the hands of a stranger.
There was nothing wrong the children were fine,
They say if we keep them, we'd abuse them in time.
With their crystal ball and some money from gov.,
They cast them in homes, We pray they get loved.
They TPR you - You did nothing wrong,
They are cold hearted and cruel,
Now your family is gone.
Come one come two come three come all,
We will take your kids to the court room ball.
This is all so profitable easy and fun,
It's also illegal but it's to help every one.
So the families get hurt that's a small price they say,
When you look at all the money the feds will pay.
After all there are really children who are being abused,
There are children who you see and hear on the news.
It's the wrapper on the candy that makes people say,
It's OK to take the rights of the families away.
Cecile Allcock

Letter to Uncle Sam

We saluted the flag
We sang the song
We pledged the pledge
How did it all go wrong?

They took our rights
How can this be?
Now even God is gone...
Can nobody can see?

A court without justice
Now tell me please this...
For if she is now blind
The truth's been dismissed?

She takes nether side
Partial they say
Liberty and justice...they
Were great in their day!

We had our laws
The truth was set down.
The Constitution was formed
Our rights they were bound.

Now they are gone
So too
our freedom it would seem
It wasn't so long ago
it was the American dream.

They have taken it all
Calling it, The Patriot Act
We were once given our freedom
but it has been now taken back.

The States are corrupt
Stealing children and all.
You can tell them the truth
But they won't take your call.

So please tell me this
I send out my plea
Without justice for all
How can we call ourselves free?

I don't have a flag
any more on my land
The people that love it
they don't understand

It brings tears to my eyes
When I see it fly high
Men fought so hard for it
So many of them died

It was the symbol of freedom
It use to fly proud
There is not much to look up to
Now that God's not allowed

So I stand here before you
and ask you this day
How was it so easy to
Take our freedom away?

Cecile Allcock
Bellows Falls, VT


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