God Watches Over The Children

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fighting for our kids

While we are in this fight with our ungodly government who is selling our children and destroying families, we must honor God if we expect Him to:
Destroy this evil government and restore families by returning our children they kidnapped and sold, return thousands of innocent people in prison for decades for crimes they never committed and return the finances, your ability to work and make right more atrocities than I can think of we MUST; Stand up for God by boycotting Wal-Mart. They refuse to allow their employee's to say Merry Christmas......why then do we reward them by turning around and give them our hard earned money? General Mills must be boycotted......all products! They have a new commercial out for Total, which I bought until I seen this new commercial. A woman takes God's name in vain 4 times in this commercial. Do you really expect God to work for you while you will not take a stand for Him.....why should He? Get a back bone! Lois Hafler


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