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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vincent's Story

The Drugging of Our Children
By Gary Null
Featuring Michael Moore and Neil Bush
Scroll to the bottom of his web site.
"A mother (Diane Booth) loses her son to government officials for refusing to put him on drugs."
I am Vincent Booth's mother. Vincent has been an inmate in a California "mental health" facility for five years. He was wrongfully apprehended from me on July 29, 1999 at age 6 without a warrant, without a court order and without an investigation, after a referral to social services from his teacher/school. Vincent was totally normal until the County of Santa Clara forced dangerous psyche meds on him. His human rights were/are terribly violated, and my due process and human rights were horribly violated. I rescued Vincent and came to Canada and applied for refugee status. Vincent was again apprehended by the FBI who returned him to the same abusive institution. I remained in Canada for a few years then returned to California and served a total of eight months for my "crime" of rescuing my own child from abuse and imminent death. No one in my family has seen or heard from him and there are no recent medical reports in the court records regarding his well being. I did receive a recent photo - just the kidnappers taunting me that he is still alive.
Many reforms have been implemented. Many new laws were passed, including, The Amendment Prohibiting Forced Drugging, signed by President Bush, and the new foster care laws signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, yet Judge Leonard P. Edwards still refuses to allow me to submit evidence to the court, and he refuses to let my son testify on his own behalf! Judge Edwards' own only son was killed in a car accident on July 29. July 29 is the day he had my son kidnapped by CPS. Hollywood leftist, Rob Reiner collaborates with Judge Edwards, calling themselves "stakeholders". They are stakeholders of trafficking in children. Our children are not pound puppies! http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/presscenter/newsreleases/NR79-03.HTM

Judge Edwards has recently resigned. Rob Reiner resigned at the same time from his post on the Children's Commission in California.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in exposing the FRAUD of the exploitation of children and families for profit.
Please visit my website: Click on PICTURES, pages 1- 4 on the web site below.

Children as young as 2 are being ripped from their parents and placed in institutions and put on dangerous psyche meds. Many are sexually abused and exploited. Many are missing and some are dead.

For more information, see articles posted on:


Peace and Justice,
Diane Booth,
Childrescue - See forum on San Jose Mercury News

-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->--> CALIFORNIA FOSTER CARE ADMINISTRATOR INVESTIGATED FOR CHILD PSYCHIATRIST ON AN X-RATED S&M WEB SITE-->-->
The $131,000-a-year administrator of San Francisco's troubled foster child care program has gone out on indefinite "stress leave'' -- checking out just as she was about to be suspended. -->-->
Anderson-Santos was also being investigated for any part she may have had in that department scandal we told you about a couple of weeks back -- the one in which a child welfare worker and a supervisor were accused of downloading and distributing pictures of a foster care program psychiatrist from an X-rated S&M Web site.


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