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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pray as David prayed because David's prayers were answered. The bible tells us that David was a man after God's own heart.........pray as David prayed if you want your prayers answered!

Judge Kathleen Akao 57 years old from Santa Cruz County, California dropped dead sunday Nov. 27, 2005 for no apparent reason........well the reason is that she has destroyed numerous families by taking their children and grandchildren away from them. We have been and will continue to pray Psalm 109 against all judges, lawyer, therapists, doctors, and especially law makers, senators etc. who continue their evil practice of destroying families for profit. Please go to our website www.godwatchesoverthechildren.org and make a list of all names and continue down in this blog to find all elected officials you MUST pray Psalm 109 against these evil people until God removes them....and HE will! God gave you your children and grandchildren He will restore........read your bible and believe.


Blogger TrueSpiritualist said...

Children are not possessions. They are human beings born into this world and parents are temporarily given the huge responsibility of raising and guiding them as they grow into self sufficient adults. Not all parents or families take this responsibility seriously and often abuse and/or neglect children. Thank God for people like her Honorable Judge Kathleen Akao for advocating for these children....and shame on you for using God's name to celebrate the death of a wonderful person or any person for that matter.

It is blasphemous to entertain the thought that God kills people because you don't agree with them.

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