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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Clyde and Kathy's Story

To all who Love the Lord:
My name is :Clyde-Earl: Young, and I live in Washington-City, Washington County, Utah. I am not able to communicate a whole lot by reason of economic difficulties. This is my story and dilemma:
I asked of one of my neighbors the yesterday, what would you think, if three strange men were to isolate, interrogate and have their way with your wife, and kidnap her and hold her for years for their personal benefit? In further application, that is exactly what happened to our only son!
On January 29th, 2003, after an apparent pattern and practice by local law enforcement of "excusing their intrusions" upon us, when we perceived that their intentions were for the evil purpose of breaking up our family, and on the above date, they, at least, partially succeeded. On this Date, Washington-County School Principal Burke Staheli, St. George, Office CPS-Worker; Lance Hall, and a Washington-County-Sheriff's Deputy named Jered Redfearn entered into a U.S. CODE TITLE 18: Section 241, Conspiracy against rights, in that they isolated, interogated and kidnapped our 8 1/2 year old son. Before they could actually claim "Jurisdiction", it was necessary for them to perform a little "Street-Theater" for the purposes of Criminalizing Me and my wife, and kidnapping us just two-hours prior to their kidnapping our son from Washington-Elemetary-School. Because I was well versed in "Constituional-Rights", I knew that they couldn't just arbitrarily arrest me and my wife for just being "Suspects." They proved me wrong, and when I attempted to invoke "My second amendment right to repel an unreasonable attack," they charged me and my wife with Felonly Charges of Aggravated-Assault, Escape from Custody, Obstruction of Justice and a handful of misdomeanors. They detained us in the Washington County Purgatory-Correctional-Facility on warrantless arrest for the space of 57 days. My Bail was in excess of $117,000 and my wifes was in excess of $113,000. Cash only. It would be 60 full days, before we were allowed to see our son, and only because we ended up acquesing to what the public-pretenders were telling us. Under duress of imprisonment, we signed "Plea-Agreements" that would make every action that they took against us "appear" to be true. There is no doubt that this is a regular practice beween schools, CPS, Local-Law enforcement entities, and Courts. The doctrine of "Parens Patriae" is specious.
My wife and I were with the understanding that if we didn't sign the plea-agreements, that they would just sentence us directly to Utah-State-Prison for an undetermined number of years. We didn't feel that we had any choice, because we knew we couldn't fight for our son from the Jail or Prison. On March 3rd, a full six days after the State of Utah swallowed me an my family up whole, like the grave, The Fifth-District-Juvenile-Court One Judge Thomas M. Higbee, "Claimed" Jurisdiction over all "Subject-Matter" Contrary to the Fact that U.S. CODE TITLE 28: Section 1359, states "That a district court shall not have jurisdiction over parties collusively or improperly joined in a civil-matter." In the "alledged-criminal-proceedings" my wife and I who were already being subjected to "Pains and Penalties" by the Feudiant, or Pavlonian Conditioning of being beat with club's peppersprayed, and having the sheriff's pull their guns (at the time of arrest) and the inprisonment, knew and still know that they are at complete liberty to murder any poor person or people they want, at any time, and there would be nothing we could do about it. It is truely The Lord our God that watches over us for the commonwealth of man, but it is the goldsmiths aka the money-changers, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Social-Workers, and the Industry that has grown up around the Domestic-Violence that ensures that we remain in poverty, without any standing or [re]presentation in their [courts?] On accepting the Opinions as the Facts and a clear dis-regard for the facts, my wife and I who had no criminal-records, were convicted of crimes, our consciences tell us we did not commit. On December 4th, 2003, They (Judge Thomas. M. Higbee, and his Colluders) terminated our parental-rights as well as residual-rights to our only son, and put him up for adoption. They never once asked this witnessing-father about kinship placement, and all the evidence was that by reason of their Predjudice, [and obvious greed for the Social-Security Title IV (b) money] I and my family, like so many families I have been reading about, have become victims of a Genocide. An ethnic-cleansing of the poor, from our society, It has been over two years and three months, since Our son Michael has seen us, or we him. The question remaining in my mind of course, since they never actually had to prove abuse and negect, who are the real-criminals?
ClydeThe Save :Michael-David: Young Foundation!!!


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