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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Would you want your child to look and act like a zoombie?

It is time that citizens of our state take action against one of our state agencies. The Texas Department of Family And Protective Services have taken unreasonable control of their authorities, kidnapped children repeatedly and hold them into their custody without court orders, have caseworkers document fraudulent information, false reports, and events that hold no evidence.
The problem is that the caseworkers are encouraged to place innocent children into foster homes and then have these children placed for adoption. The state provides extra incentives to this state agency. Would you want your son to look like this? Walk, talk and act like a zombie

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services were designed to protect children that needed protection and provide help for families, not destroy them. When was the last time a reporter sat in family court and watched what was going on? The system is set up to NOT let the parents speak, defend, or get help through the legal process.
I have proof what has happened in our case…anyone can see how screwed up the system is.

I guess it is easier to make a story after a child is dead in foster care and letting the state put these children on drugs while placed in foster care. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services continuously breaks almost every state law and statue that is written and made law. The sad part of this the judges; law enforcement, lawyers, and citizens that are blinded let this madness continue.

This is not just the state of Texas problem; it has become a national epidemic. What I can not understand is why everyone is afraid to expose these people for what they really are?
If you or anyone you know has the backbone to stand up for all parents that have been victimize by these criminals feel free to contact me. I have proof of how they destroy children and the families.

This is the best way to keep them from running away, controlling them, and keeping them from appearing in court, and keeping them away from their families. This child has never been on drugs before or in a mental institution until he was placed in CPS care. He is sixteen years old and wants to come home. CPS,CASA, court appointed attorney, and the Judge will not allow him to go to court to speak his mind and tell the truth.

This is HOW Walter looks while he is in foster care by The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. He is 16 and already wants to die because of what the foster care system has done to him !

In the Intake and the Caseworker's Affidavit, there is not one single allegation of abuse, neglect, or risk of abuse assessed against this child.
He wants to be with his dad and is fully aware of how ill his father is. Will he look like this when his dad dies. Probably not...he won't know because CPS won't let his daddy say good bye to him.

If you are not afraid to face them (CPS) then help not only my son, but the other families that are abused by the system. But just don't turn your back on the children, they are ones who are being lied to,isolated from family members, CPS makes money off of these children in foster care.

Raul Armendariz Jr. P O Box 504 Port Bolivar, TX 77650 409-684-7233 raul_armendariz_jr@yahoo.com



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